What would you do

If the small town you once knew was soon to become destroyed? If it were about to become a thing of the past? From a photographer’s standpoint, you would more than likely photograph it.

U.S. Highway 93 is about to disappear forever, taking those small, abandon towns with it. Referred to as “America’s last highway,” this road will soon be replaced by a new interstate, Interstate 11. Since the construction of Highway 93 in ’56, the population has sky rocketed. This change in population called for a change in roadways, which meant more lanes.

highway 39

Photographer Stuart Palley captured this soon to be vanished roadway in ways that I would have never thought to.

HWY93.Final_.SP_.001 HWY93.Final_.SP_.029

This particular photo is my favorite from the entire set. It isn’t exactly the roadway, but it lets you see this highway from a perspective that many people would have never seen it. Stuart captured the essence and the emotion of this highway and the little towns that it flows through.

That is one of my favorite things about photography. No matter the subject, if it has emotional appeal to it, you can bring that emotion out in just one photo.

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