First of all- how cool does this event sound by just reading its title? That is what drew me in and wanted me to learn more about it.


Shutterfest is a photography conference that takes place in St. Louis this year. It is open to all levels of photographers, from beginners to pros. This conference allows you to network with others, shoot all day, and take advantage of the many unique courses. You will hear from speakers, and learn many things regarding:

  • Legal issues and challenges
  • Small business accounting
  • Branding and Marketing
  • Lighting
  • Posing
  • Pricing your work

And many, many more useful things! If I were you, I wouldn’t miss out on this awesome opportunity to learn and grow with others through photography! Last year, they even had a comedian and a couple of bands play! Also, can’t forget about the goodie bags you’ll receive.

Shutterfest has a very informational website that will answer most, if not all of your questions about their event. There is also a video that hightlights last year’s event. Check it out!