Have you ever

Forgotten your camera when you went somewhere? Or decided maybe you shouldn’t take it for some reason? I have done this so many times and regret almost every time that I didn’t bring it.

One moment that I was recently thinking about was a trip I took back in high school to Washington D.C. and New York City. It was a music travel trip, so I was traveling on a bus with a huge group of people. I had heard many things about watching your back and holding on tightly to your purse while walking around New York City before going. All this talk about my important things being taken scared me a little, whether it is true or not, which ultimately made me keep my camera at home.

Instead, I had my phone, and my little point and shoot digital camera to take photos for the duration of the trip. Although I still got some pretty neat photos, I regretted not having my Nikon D3000 with me.

DCNY1 DCNY2 DCNY3 DCNY4 DCNY5These are just a handful of photos that I shot while in the cities. Not bad for a small point and shoot camera, but again, I wish I had taken my Nikon!

The one thing that did make me thankful for not taking it, however, was the fact that my friend sat her camera down for probably 2 minutes, and it got stolen. It was a sad time!

Was there ever a time you forgot your camera?