Grand Prix Alternative Events

The week before the Grand Prix race at Purdue is filled with fun events alongside friends and tons of food. For those people who want to be involved in the events of Grand Prix without drinking, Purdue presents alternative events. I attended two of these events, and they were a blast!

The first event I attended was the Moonlight Pancake Breakfast  which is held from 9pm to 1am. Anyone and everyone is invited to come and get free pancakes and milk. I’ve been to this event the past three years because, I mean, free pancakes. Who passes that up? Along with the pancakes, there is always a mechanical bull, which is a huge hit.

The second event I attended was Carnival Night. There was tons of free food (yay free food), games, and people. Even though it rained a bit, I didn’t see anyone without a smile on their face.

During these two events, I took a ton of pictures (go figure). Along with that, I conducted some interviews. I then collabed these two things together to create a Soundslide to show all of you!

Tip: Click “captions” underneath the Soundslide to see the captions.


We had a blast hanging out and enjoying the good vibes of friends. Enjoy!